S S AGROZONE PRIVATE LIMITED has formulated an affordable alternative to genetically modified and soy-based feeds. We are constantly working to improve and expand our products to meet the growing consumer demand.

  • Formed in state-of-the-art feed mills under strict quality control measures.
  • High tech sterilizations process through imported conditioner.
  • Consistent and assured quality every time.
  • Finished using better quality steam to ensure proper cooking (gelatinisation). The steam also sterilizes the feed by destroying microbes.
  • Improved with high quality premixes, trace minerals, probiotics in organic form which help in better availability of nutrients and in maintaining optimal calorie-protein ratio.
  • Developed with ideal formulated mixture to take care of young chicks.
  • Packed of immune-stimulants and antioxidants for better immunity.
  • Properly balanced with protein and energy with all the Digestible Amino Acids such as Lysine, Methionine, threonine, Valine and isoleucine.

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