S S AGROZONE PRIVATE LIMITED has formulated an affordable alternative to genetically modified and soy-based feeds. We are constantly working to improve and expand our products to meet the growing consumer demand.

  • Precisely formulated using latest know-how and manufactured at state-of-the-art feed mills.
  • Supremely well-adgusted for protein (amina asid) and energy with extremely digestible raw material suci as Hypro Soya Doc, Corn Gluten, Sterlized MBM, Soya Oil etc.
  • Enhanced with imported quality, vitamin promix, trace mineral, enzymes immune stimulants and acidifiers which helps in better growth and immunity.
  • Helps in exact nutrition of broiler which helps in better body weight gain and feed conversion ratio.
  • Uses NIR facilities for analysis of raw materials and feeds assuring better quality control.

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